An apology ...

I feel it is necessary to post a short apology for the lack of content on the Ginstagram blog.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the time to post new articles as I was away on holiday last
September, and when I came back it coincided with an extremely busy period at work. Without actively realizing it, the days became weeks which became months with no new updates.

I'm still very much trying to keep my knowledge up-to-date on all things Gin (including adding to my own collection of course!) but I've just not been able to maintain the blog.

I'd hoped to make a fresh start back in April when I attended the West Coast Fest in Troon, but even then time just seemed to escape me.

However, I'm hopefully now back & motivated myself once again so that I just need to find the time to find & post new content particularly now that I'm close to having 500 subscribers to my @Ginstagram twitter account (never thought I'd get 50 to be honest!)

So the Gin Journey starts again tomorrow in earnest when I'm heading through to Edinburgh for the Juniper Events festival at Summerhall which is being hosted by Solid Liquids ... should be fantastic as I've loved the Glasgow events for the last 2 years.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you'll come back to check for the new content soon!