NEWS: Dubrobin Highland Distillery

Dunrobin Highland Distillery is looking to raise £5 million to fund a new distillery in the grounds of Dunrobin Castle, producing both whisky and gin.

They are aiming to boost local tourism by creating a unique distillery experience for visitors to Dunrobin Castle and the wider Golspie and Scottish Highlands area.

The whisky and gin will be distilled using local products, including barley and botanicals from the Dunrobin farm, and water from the Cagar Foesaig mountain spring, situated on the Sutherland Estate.

The plans also include building a visitor centre and local bottling plant, transforming the old powerhouse situated in the woodlands of 700-year-old Dunrobin Castle.

Dunrobin Castle, which was first built in the 15th century but refurbished almost completely in the mid-1800s, currently attracts around 85,000 visitors each year.

Gin botanicals will be grown in the castle gardens and water will be drawn from the Cagar Foesaig mountain spring, which is located on the estate.

The distillery, which will initially produce 95,000 litres of spirit a year from its two copper pot stills – eventually growing to 300,000 litres – is expected to become operational in June 2018.

This will be a gin to look forward to, especially given that it will be distilled 'on site' rather than simply being a branding / marketing exercise.