NEWS: Heathrow Airport - G&T bags

Heathrow Airport is launching a range of destination-inspired 'G&T-bags' on 1 July to celebrate Heathrow Gin Festival.

The bags use botanicals inspired by three of the airport’s top destinations, and have been produced to celebrate the airport's eight-week-long Gin Festival. 

The USA G&T-bag combines red berries, hibiscus and apple for a sweet and rich taste; Sweden's ‘Rose Jasmine’ flavour aims to create soft floral aromas; and the India G&T-bag has a sweet, sour and spicy fusion of lemon, orange, black pepper and cardamom. Each bag is designed to compliment a different style of gin.

Passengers at the Airport will be able to purchase the limited edition tea-bags with bottles of British gins throughout the period of the festival. The festival gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy exclusive gin cocktails, try samples and learn more about their favourite gins from onsite experts.

I wish I was flying through Heathrow in the next few weeks because these sound really interesting, especially the USA one which I think I would like the most out of all of them.

Heathrow Airport and World Duty Free sell around 250,000 bottles of gin every year, which works out at an astonishing 700 bottles a day.

They will be available as a gift when purchasing a bottle of gin over the price of £29 in participating World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Airport.

If any readers do happen to pick one of these up, be sure & let me know what you think!