Ginspiration #004

For the fourth in my #Ginspiration posts, I am featuring that a gin that was new to me until very recently, so I am sure that many of you will not have come across it before (which is the ethos behind this series)

Like all nginious! Gins, their Smoked & Salted Gin has first been distilled in separate batches and subsequently blended.

Separately from juniper they have distilled bitter oranges, quinces, coriander and ginger. The real surprise, however, is the use of chestnuts in the process.

Before the maceration these are intensively cold-smoked for 40 hours. They lend the nginious Smoked & Salted Gin its special smoky flavour. However they say that this flavour doesn't dominate the gin completely. The smoke, like the other botanicals, is a component which integrates into the fuller composition of the gin, whilst the chestnuts give the gin its structure.

For the final refinement of the blended gin a rare smoked stone salt from the Swiss Alps is added. To create "Sel a L'Ancienne" the brine is dried in a large basin before the salt crystals are spread on larch tree boards and finally smoked.

The salt enhances the different aromas yet it too does not dominate the overall flavour.

The Smoked & Salted Gin is only produced once a year, in a 3000 bottle batch.

This is definitely one for true gin aficionados, and at £49 - £55 a bottle, it's one that you'll want to try (if you can find it) before you buy. However if you are tempted then it's available from Master of Malt, The Drink Shop, and Amazon