ARTICLE: Eat your gin!

For those you you who just can’t just enough gin, you can eat your gin as well as drink it! Mrs Ginstagram will tell you that I’m definitely no baker, but perhaps some of you might be interested in giving either of these items a go!

Gin, citrus and pink peppercorn éclairs

This delicately coloured, fruity éclair combines the botanical flavours of high-quality dry gin with a range of different citrus zests – red grapefruit, orange and lemon – to make a flavourful, fresh pastry cream with a light, silky texture. The glaze adds subtle sweetness and tang, using fresh citrus juices and enough icing sugar to bind.

You will need 25 minutes to make these, plus 3 hours cooling and time to make the éclair shells. You will find the full recipe on the Great British Chefs website

Thanks to Jayne Carmichael Norrie from The Gin Room Scotland for an initial Facebook post on this 

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake with an Orange Gin Jelly topping. 

With a thick chocolatey biscuit base, slathering’s of orange infused cream and a layer of orange gin jelly, this adult-friendly cheesecake is perfectly balanced to get your taste buds tingling. Although it may not be much to look at on the outside, this is a real showstopper once you cut a slice to reveal the layers.

You will need a good couple of hours to make this cheesecake, but don’t let that put you off. Most of the time is spent waiting for the layers to set. I would strongly advise preparing this the day before serving as you don’t want to risk having a runny jelly. The full recipe can be found on the Craft Gin Club website

Sea bass fillet, roasted beetroot and grapefruit salad with a gin dressing

Succulent sea bass served with a rainbow beetroot medley. The grapefruit and gin adds a lovely bitter contrast to the fish and vegetables.

There is no picture to go with this one I'm afraid, but the recipe on the BBC Food website is by Michel Roux Jr so you know it's going to be pretty special!

Gin Cured Salmon

Curing is the act of preserving a cut of meat or fish using a mixture of salt, sugar, and other spices. The addition of Gin makes it even more exciting, with the alcohol adding to the preservative effect, and the botanicals imbuing flavour.

This recipe must be made a couple of days in advance, but the creator says the outcome is worth the wait - and it works with any style of Gin so is very versatile

You can find the recipe on the Flaviar website, which also includes recipes for Gin & Tonic Cake as well as a Gin & Grapefruit Granita

If you like the sound of gin cured salmon, but don't want to wait the couple of days needed to make it, Loch Fyne Salmon might just have the answer! They have worked with The Glasgow Distillery Co to launch Makar Gin-infused smoked salmon, adding to their expanding range of salmon products.

The new product – believed to be a first for the Scottish market – is produced using fresh salmon fillets which are cured with salt, sugar and Makar Glasgow Gin before being smoked over oak shavings from retired whisky casks.

It's available to buy online from Loch Fyne priced at £12.65 for a 200g sliced pack