NEWS: Sutors gin

Not heard of Sutors Gin before? This may not be a surprise as this is a brand-new gin being launched via crowd funding.

So how does it work?

As with any crowd funding, you are being asked to help support the launch of a new product by pledging money to help deliver it whilst being rewarded in return.

The options range in price from £5 through £38 for a bottle of gin, £60 to include the gin, branded glasses & candle or £85 upwards (early bird) to become a member of the Sutors 500.

The distillers are based in Tain on the Cromaty Firth, and the gin itself is hand foraged made from Highland botanicals using local barley and water.

The estimated delivery of the first batch of gin to the crowd funders is November 2017.

Sending best wishes to Stuart and Ed on the launch of their gin.