NEWS: Slingsby limited edition Lions gin

Being relatively new to the world of gin, I'm not aware of how often "limited edition" gins are released and whether they are truly collectible or not, however this one certainly caught my eye.

Slingsby have created a new Limited Edition gin that 'pays homage to 2017 Lions tour New Zealand', aptly called "The Lions Gin".

The distinctive bottle design carries the Lions badge, The Heraldic Lion, the Shield and the Scroll. It is presented in a wooden presentation box with an individually numbered commemorative plaque and booklet.

Each bottle also comes with a single use 'refill guarantee' for £20 which gives you the option to refill your bottle. This seems a little odd to me, as I know for example that most limited edition whisky bottles seriously decrease in value as soon as they are opened?

The taste of the gin has a more pronounced rhubarb and citrus flavour than their standard London Dry Gin, whilst a reduction in the Harrogate spring water used means that the Jasmine and Green Tea infusions become slightly more dominant also.

The bottle is priced at £118.88 including delivery (order it here), which unfortunately takes it out my price range but I would be interested in hearing from others on whether there truly is a market for collectible gin which might appreciate in value?