NEWS: National Cucumber Day

Life is full of surprises - and today was no exception to discover that apparently there really is a World Cucumber Day!

Cucumber is probably best known for being the garnish of choice for Hendricks Gin, and in their slightly left-field marketing they have even had a World Cucumber Day experiment promoted via social media & their website:

In observance of World Cucumber Day, we are asking our friends around the planet to join us in this lovely experiment by growing or adopting a cucumber. Once your seedling begins to grow, initiate a relationship. Share your feelings, expose it to literature, express your truest self and so forth.
THEN ON JUNE 14th, World Cucumber Day, it will be time to bid farewell to your friend by sharing in our harvest-and-garnish ceremony. To assure scientific objectivity, we ask that everyone taste their results by way of a Hendrick’s & Tonic garnished with cucumber.

But there's more to the relationship between cucumber & gin than just Hendricks of course ... not least of which is the singularly named Cucumber Gin:

The gin was created by the English Drinks Company who also produce Qcumber, a soft drink which is a mixture of cucumber and sparkling spring water.

To round off, there are many gin cocktails involving cucumber which you might like to try, such as this Cucumber Cooler from Minimalist Baker:

Of course you could just have a Hendricks, but why not try it with some Lamb & Watt Cucumber tonic?