REVIEW: Bobby Gin, Barcelona

Prior to a short weekend visit to Barcelona late last year, I did some online research as I knew that there are many highly rated gin bars in the city.

One such bar that seemed to be on many lists was Bobby Gin

The bar is located on Carrer de Francisco Giner which is easily accessible from most city centre hotels

There are door people who use radios to confirm that there is space inside the bar & you are then allocated some seats once you make it inside

We visited on a Friday night & it was pretty busy but we managed to get inside without too much of a wait, which was great because it's a bustling atmosphere inside and as you would expect from such a highly-recommended bar, the selection of gins was fantastic

I had a Modernissia Ginfonk which is one of their speciality drinks & it was absolutely delicious

We also had a Chase Williams Seville Orange Gin (yes, I know, all the way to Barcelona for an English gin, lol) which was lovely also

I loved this picture on the wall & you don't have to speak Spanish to understand it:

I actually agree ... gin can &should be whatever YOU want it to be, not what someone else dictates (read an article on the Porters Gin blog about "perfect serves", really interesting)

I really wanted one of the t-shirts which the servers were wearing but unfortunately they don't sell them & I had to make do with a coaster!

I can't recommend this bar highly enough - although hard to believe, I did actually find another one on the same trip which beat it ... details coming soon!